We are located on the 100-level of the Math/Computer Technologies (MCT) building (building #35 on the Campus Map).

MCT can be a confusing building because it is attached to Dauphin Humanities Center.  MCT is the half of the building that has the brown brick curve – not the half with the metallic block addition.  Between the two buildings is a atrium with three floors.  We are on the middle one of those floors.

As you enter our portion of the building, a small hallway to the right leads to offices 150-156 which hold faculty, technical support and our department office.  Staying in the larger hallway will lead you to

  • MCT 158 – a general purpose lab
  • restrooms
  • MCT 162 – our general classroom and robotics equipment
  • MCT 163 – our department’s research lab
  • MCT 164 – our high performance classroom
  • MCT 165 – our software engineering classroom/lab

And, at the end of the hall, you will find the rest of our faculty offices.