PA233560-1024x768In addition to the technical resources provided to all Shippensburg University students, there are a number of items only available to students in our department. The following provides an overview of our current departmental resources.


To meet the needs of our programs, our department utilizes a separate infrastructure from the rest of the campus. This provides a flexible and robust environment where our students can develop their skills.


Our general use and robotics lab is styled as a traditional hand-on computer lab when high performance isn’t needed. This classroom is typically used for classes such as Microcomputer Basics, Overview of Computer Science and the lab portion of Computer Science I.


Our research lab houses the various tools used by our Computer Engineering program. This is were students and student organizations, such as WICS, can work on projects. In addition, a portion of the lab is utilized by our students tutors.


Our high performance lab is home to the most powerful desktop machines on campus. This is typically used for classes which require powerful workstations such as Advanced Graphics, Compiler Design and Reconfigurable Computing.


Our Software Engineering lab is a reconfigurable room design to support team programming and agile development. This is typically used for classes such as Design Patterns, Software Metrics and Extreme Programming.

Standard Configuration:

To provide a consistent environment across all of our resources, we utilize a standard base configuration for all of our workstations.

Additional Resources:

Many of the courses in our program require special software and/or hardware that your typical student doesn’t have. To help facilitate the learning of the latest technologies, the department provides memberships to academic partner programs such as Microsoft’s Dreamspark and the VMware Academic Alliance.