Virtual Machine Downloads

Below is a link to a stand-alone Linux VM which is running all the software you would need for the following courses:

  • Python
  • CS 1
  • CS 2
  • Programming for Engineers
  • Operating Systems
  • Comp Org
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • And more……

This current virtual machine is running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with the XFCE4 Desktop Manager. Development tools, OpenVPN, Eclipse and more is already installed and configured on these VMs. As there is no longer a 32-bit version of the Oracle Java JDK, we are no longer offering a prebuilt 32-bit version of this VM. This is being done to preserve 100% compatibility with the department’s workstations. If your equipment is only capable of supporting a 32-bit version, please contact the School of Engineering technology manager for assistance. The virtual machine uses the following credentials for the local admin account:

USERNAME: engruser

PASSWORD: gen.pwd.4.Engr

                 DOWNLOAD the 64-bit VM <<< Recommended

(Updated: Sept. 8, 2021)

DOWNLOAD the 32-bit VM

(Removed: Sept. 4, 2018)

These VM images are configured for use on machines with the bare minimum of resources available. If you have a machine with a more powerful hyper-threaded multi-core CPU and 4+ GB of RAM, it is recommended that you modify the configuration of the VM before use. You will notice a significant performance improvement by setting the core count to at least 2 and the RAM to 4+ GB. A simple guideline would be to configure your virtual machine to use 50% of your host machines available resources.

PLEASE NOTE: To use this virtual machine, you must have virtualization software on your computer. We recommend at this time the use of VMware Player. If you need advanced features or are attempting virtualization on an Intel-based Apple computer, you will need to request

Once you have your virtual machine installed and functioning, it is recommended that you follow the directions for creating an SSHFS mount of your departmental files. The directions can be found either HERE. Please contact support if you are having any issues.