The Department of Computer Science offers an undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The computer science program is designed to enable the student to gain knowledge of computer science and to apply this knowledge to an application area. Students will be proficient in developing computer software to solve problems in a number of contexts. Our graduating students average in the top quarter of students who take the MFT exam, and the best schools require that exam.

ABET Accreditation

The computer science degree program and its concentrations are accredited by ABET, Inc. placing Shippensburg University among 30 Pennsylvania colleges and universities that have accredited ABET programs and one of 10 that include computer science programs. For more information on ABET, visit ABET Information.

ABET accreditation means that the national accrediting organization has spent time on our campus making sure that our curriculum meets national standards, our faculty are well-supported and current in the discipline, and our infrastructure is up-to-date and well-supported. It is your assurance that, not only is our program strong today, but we have also laid the foundation so that it will continue to be strong in the future.
Find out more about our program objectives, expected student outcomes and enrollment statistics HERE.

Computer Science Concentrations

Our program combines practical experience with appropriate theory and the ability to specialize within the discipline. If a student wants the broadest degree possible, declaring no concentration will give you a wide variety of courses across the discipline. However, for students who want to specialize, we have three pre-approved concentrations: Computer Graphics, and Embedded Systems, and Related Disciplines.

Computer Graphics

This is an interdisciplinary concentration that combines courses in the Art & Design Department with graphics courses in our department. The art courses are in the aesthetics of things people design with a computer (from web pages and magazines through digital movies) and the computer science courses focus on the engines behind those graphics (things like: if there is a light source, how do I calculate where the shadows and reflections will be; how do we generate realistic fire; etc.)

Embedded Systems

Designed for students who want to write control-level software, but not develop hardware, this concentration combines computer science with some of our Computer Engineering courses. These students will write programs for a variety of embedded devices and learn to handle the specific issues of writing software that is very close to the hardware.

Related Discipline

This concentration is designed for students who also have an interest in something else that they can earn a major or a minor in. Whether it is business, math, the sciences, or any other discipline, the people in those disciplines need us to write software for them. Having working knowledge of something else can be a great way to create a niche for yourself – something that distinguishes you from the crowd. Faculty will advise students on course selection and help them develop skills appropriate for their chosen careers.

Computer Science Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in software development have been and are predicted to be, very favorable. The work environment and income potential are highly attractive. Opportunities exist among all employers, especially business and industry, government, science, and education. And not everyone who completes this degree becomes a programmer. These skills are required in jobs like sales, technical support, and project management.


You can find the details of the requirements for this program on our forms page.