The 33rd PACISE Conference Programming Contest


Shippensburg Department of

Computer Science and Engineering 


Teams will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as space permits. Each team must complete the contest application form and return it no later than Wednesday, March 28th. Applications will be acknowledged via email. Note: Team members must also register for the PACISE Conference; this requires a separate registration form which can be found on the conference web site.

Information and Rules

Team Composition

       All team members, including faculty and alternates, must be registered for the conference using the conference registration form. Any team with one or more members unregistered for the conference will be disqualified.

      Each team is comprised solely of undergraduate students currently registered at that school. There will be two or three undergraduate students per team, plus alternates.

Location and Hardware

       The programming contest location is in the Math/Computer Technologies building.

       All machines will be running Linux with the following configuration:

o   Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS

o   XFCE Desktop Environment

o   ACM Competition guidelines will be used to define network access restrictions.

o   Open JDK 8 (java version "1.8.0_151"

o   gcc version 5.4.0 (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.5)

o   Eclipse (Oxygen Edition)

o   CodeBlocks

o   JetBrains IntelliiJ IDEA

o   **** Plus standard text editors including vim, emacs, gedit and leafpad

       Each team will be assigned its own account for the practice run and a different account for the competition.

       A printer will be available to the teams during both the practice run and the competition.

       We will be using PC^2 Contest software for managing the competition. It has not yet been determined whether we will use automated or manual judging.

       All programs must be written in C, C++, or Java using installed compilers stated above.

       Each team will be allocated one computer.

Contest Time

       There will be a practice session which begins Friday evening at 7:30 PM for the purpose of familiarizing participants with the computing environment. Teams will given directions on using our machines and the PC2, followed by a practice session with one sample problem. This practice session ends at 9:30.

      The contest will officially run on Saturday April 7th from 7:45 AM until 11:45 AM. A group of 5 problems will be given to solve in this time period.

Contest Procedures, Rules and Restrictions

       No internet access will be allowed.

       Students can bring text books and printouts, but no electronic tools (flash drives, cell phones, electronic watches, calculators, etc.).

       All decisions of the judges and/or the contest chair regarding permissible references are final.

       Team advisors coaches, and alternates are NOT permitted to help (or hinder) teams solve problems during the contest.

      The conference organizers cannot be responsible for the security of unattended electronic devices.


Refreshments will be available.

Rule Violations

       Violations of the rules may result in team penalties or disqualification.

      All decisions of the contest judges and/or contest chair are final.


Please forward any questions to Dr. Chen Huo, Chair, Programming contest.