MIPS Pipeline Simulator

The following simulator is designed to illustrate the 5-stage pipeline of the MIPS processor described in Patterson & Hennessy's book. The program may be run as a Java applet from this page, or you may download the executable "jar" file and/or source code to run it locally. I developed this some time ago for a class I was teaching, and it worked well enough to demonstrate what I wanted them to see.

To run, you must have Java applets enabled in your browser. A Java frame will pop-up with the user interface. Enter the URL for the simplified assembler file that you wish to demonstrate.


Sample Files

Sample assembler files that can be loaded with the simulator. You may create and load your own files.


Applet Security

Your applet viewer may have restrictions on the URLs that the viewer will accept. If that is the case, you can run the "jar" file from the command line of your local machine. The "jar" file is an executable jar file, so you should be able to do:


java -jar pipe.jar